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About Our Food

Real Food For Real Life

We know you need to make meals happen every day, with food that tastes great and that you can feel good about. And, even though you might not have a lot of time to devote to meal planning, you also want to keep it interesting and please everyone around the table. In real life, this is not easy.

At M&M Food Market, we’re passionate about bringing you the very best food. We’ve scoured the globe for quality ingredients, innovative flavours and responsible suppliers of farmed goods. We’ve used the most up-to-date, industry-leading flash freezing methods so that colour, flavour and nutrients are locked in. And with over 400 items across a range of categories and new innovations arriving each season, there's always something new to discover. 

Food Commitment

of M&M products have

No Artificial Colours
No Artificial Flavours
No Artificial Sweeteners
No Partially Hydrogenated Oils
(added trans fat)

At M&M Food Market, we promise to be there with real food that fits your needs. Whether it’s a side, a main or the whole meal, we offer hundreds of delicious, convenient and balanced options.

As of January 2016, we are proud to announce that over 95% of all the products sold by M&M Food Market have no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, no artificial sweeteners and no added trans fats. We are working to make it 100% by the end of 2017.
About Our Food

Why Frozen?

We are passionate about bringing our customers great food. And at the heart of our business is our philosophy on frozen food. Quite simply, we believe that expertly frozen food offers a long list of benefits for busy consumers:

  • It preserves flavour, freshness and nutritional benefits. 
  • It offers variety and value – no matter what the season.
  • It reduces food waste, since you can thaw and cook servings that match your personal or family needs.
  • It leads food innovation and food safety practices in the food industry.

Our Guarantee

Just how serious are we about the quality of our food? We guarantee you'll love it. In fact, if you're not completely satisfied, simply return the unused portion and the packaging to the store, and we'll replace it or give you your money back.