Our Story

Our Story

For over thirty-five years, M&M has helped Canadians put delicious meals on the table by offering restaurant-quality food, great customer service and a convenient shopping experience.

We’ve taken this task to heart and have grown to become Canada’s leading retailer of fine frozen foods, and a trusted guest at dinner tables across the country.

A lot has changed since we opened our first store over 35 years ago but our commitment to quality food and our customers hasn’t. That’s why we’re changing to become even better at what we do, so that we can continue to meet your needs and make great meals happen – every day.


Why did we change our name to M&M Food Market?

Quite simply, the new name better reflects what customers told us they want and what we have to offer. We have amazing products across a range of categories, including Sides, Single Serves, Fruits & Vegetables, Sauces & Seasonings, Prepared Meals, Appetizers and Desserts – not just meat. On top of that, we have Meal Advisors in our stores across the country who can offer expert product knowledge, meal solutions and food inspiration, to help you answer the question “what’s for dinner?”.

What other changes can customers expect?

There are a lot of exciting changes underway at M&M, some happening now and more still to come – all are designed to help you make real food for real life:
  • We’re launching even more new, innovative and high quality products that you will feel good about serving (and enjoy eating!).
  • We’ve got a brand new website that makes it easy to discover fantastic food and meal ideas.
  • Our online ordering service, Click & Collect makes it easy to plan meals and shop online. Simply place your order and it will be ready and waiting for you at your store.
  • We’ve got new product packaging on our shelves with pictures of the amazing food you are taking home – to help you shop the store and navigate your freezer.
  • Our Meal Advisors are armed with new meal ideas and food inspiration, including tips on what to serve for dinner and how to serve it. Want a suggestion? Just let us know.
  • We are re-designing and renovating our stores to create a brand new shopping experience. Stay tuned – there might be a newly re-designed store coming to your city soon.

This is our M&M Food Market promise to you…

We know you need to make meals happen every day, with food that tastes great and that you can feel good about. And, even though you might not have a lot of time to devote to meal planning, you also want to keep it interesting and please everyone around the table. In real life, this is not easy. At M&M Food Market, we will be there with real food that fits your needs. Whether it’s a side, a main or the whole meal, we offer hundreds of delicious, convenient and balanced options. Choose from our famous meats and seafood, our traditional comfort foods, nutritious fruits and vegetables or a range of sides and desserts to compliment any meal. No matter what you need, we will keep it simple, from store-to-table, so you still have time for the important things. We will never tell you how to put a meal on the table. But to help you, we have a team of passionate, real food experts to understand your needs and find inspiring meal ideas to fit them.

Visit us today to discover everything M&M Food Market has to offer!