Three custom-tailored Thanksgiving meal ideas

A thanksgiving meal
A thanksgiving meal

Crowd-friendly buffet

When you’re feeding a tableful of hungry people, offering lots of variety ensures there’s something for everyone’s palate. This generously sized buffet — designed for a crowd of 12 to 14 — is both festive and casual, allowing for plenty of grazing, lots of social time, and many full and happy bellies.

This menu is amenable to alfresco dining, too — just cross your fingers for a final warm fall weekend. Pop the turkey breast on the grill, use your oven and stovetop for the rest, and set everything out on your patio table. Guests can fill up their own plates with their favourites and dig in!

Shopping list

  • Juicy, seasoned, Canadian-raised Turkey Breast
  • Tender Slow Cooked Beef Pot Roast braised in rich gravy ✔
  • Creamy, four-cheese Cauliflower Gratin
  • Decadent Parmesan-crumb-topped Broccoli Gratin
  • Cheesy Supreme Scalloped Potatoes, in the 2-lb family-size pack ✔
  • Seasoned Sweet Peas, picked at peak ripeness and lightly dressed ✔
  • Individually sized, ready-to-bake Pumpernickel Bread rolls ✔
A thanksgiving spread
A thanksgiving spread

Luscious, low-key family dinner

If you’re keeping things laid-back this year, a succulent pork roast that doesn’t require a daylong cook is a delicious way to go. Big enough to comfortably feed a family of four to six, this one is a cozy fall meal that still feels special.

Everyone loves our Pork Pot Roast, because it’s slow-cooked for five hours in a rich, homestyle gravy to give it that perfect melt-in-your-mouth texture. Seasoned Sweet Peas (which steam right in the bag and are pre-seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper), and decadent, creamy Supreme Scalloped Potatoes round things out nicely.

A table full of Fall desserts

Fall for dessert

Dessert calls for traditional autumn faves, like Bumble Blossoms®, Apple Crisp and Homestyle Pumpkin Pie (available for a limited time only, so get it while you can!). All of these options are very open to a few dollops of whipped cream on top.

Spice up your whipped cream game to make dessert even more memorable: Add a pinch of ground cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice, or whip in a spoonful of dark rum or bourbon.

A counter full of fall foods
A counter full of fall foods

Elegant meal for four

This special menu is perfect for welcoming friends or family members that you haven’t seen in a while. It brings all your fall comfort faves to the table and ensures happy, easy conversation.

Begin with rich, flavourful French Onion Soup — we even sell the prettiest soup bowls for it. This warming, savoury starter only requires a quick zap in the microwave. Then it’s time for the main event: elegant, comforting Slow Cooked Beef Pot Roast. We slow-cook this tender meat for 10 hours in a rich beef gravy, so all you have to do is pop it in the oven or the slow cooker. Maple-kissed, gluten-free Sweet Potato Mash and tender-crisp Broccoli Florets are the perfect side dishes.

Make sure to leave room for a slice of something sweet. Let your guests pick between Homestyle Apple Pie and Homestyle Pumpkin Pie — or help themselves to a slice of both. Whatever they do, don’t forget the vanilla ice cream on the side.

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