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It’s what we’re known for, so it has to be good! See our extensive line-ups of beef, pork and chicken that fit your lifestyle and your family’s preferences.


    • The Butcher
      Angus Beef Roast

      This M&M Exclusive makes occasions extra special! Our tender, boneless, 100% Canadian Heritage Angus beef is coated with a blend of garlic and savoury ground spices. It’s expertly aged 21 to 28 days, and always raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones.

    • The Butcher
      Beef Wellington

      Build your special feast around our impressive and easy Beef Wellington. A seasoned filet of beef tenderloin on a bed of liver pâté is smothered in mushroom sauce and enveloped in a flaky puff pastry - simply bake and serve. Sold individually.

    • The Butcher

      A cut well-known to steakhouse restaurant chefs, our Chateaubriand is an exceptionally flavoured, 14 oz. steak cut from the centre of the tenderloin and seasoned to perfection.

    • The Butcher
      Philly Beef Steak

      From freezer to plate in four minutes, our Philly Beef Steak is thinly sliced sirloin beef—an excellent source of protein perfect for making sandwiches, burritos and quesadillas. 4 portions.

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