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It’s what we’re known for, so it has to be good! See our extensive line-ups of beef, pork and chicken that fit your lifestyle and your family’s preferences.


    • The Butcher
      Double Smoked Sausages

      Fully cooked pure pork sausages. Double smoked for extra flavour. 8-9 sausages.

    • The Butcher

      Fully cooked bun length pork frankfurters. 18 pieces.

    • The Butcher
      Mild Italian Sausages

      Add a little spice to your plate. These pure pork sausages have a mild Italian seasoning for a perfectly spiced taste. They're fully cooked so they're ready to heat on the grill, in the oven or the frying pan. 8-9 sausages.

    • The Butcher
      Oktoberfest®† Sausages

      Bring Oktoberfest flavour home year-round! Fully cooked for your convenience, these are made with pure pork and have the official peppery taste of Oktoberfest sausages. 8-9 sausages.

    • The Butcher
      Spicy Italian Sausages

      Fully cooked pure pork sausages made with a spicy Italian style recipe.

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