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Healthy Eating

We’ve collected nutrition and product information for all our products, to help you make nutritious, well-balanced food choices.

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    Calorie Conscious

    • Single Serve
      Ancient Grains with Millet and Chicken in Tomato S

      Cooked chicken blended with our exclusive recipe of millet, steel-cut oats, brown rice, red and white quinoa with carrots, kale and onions in a tomato and roasted garlic sauce.

    • Single Serve
      Ancient Grains with Quinoa and Chicken

      Our blend of red and white quinoa, millet, brown rice, cooked chicken breast, kale and carrots with a hint of lemon is kettle-cooked and packed with protein.

    • The Butcher
      Apple Butter Pork Tenderloin

      Enjoy the fruits of our labour. We take a tender pork tenderloin and marinate it with a carefully blended apple butter marinade for a sweet flavour reminiscent of old-fashioned home cooking.

    • Seafood
      Applewood and Maple Salmon

      Add pizzazz to your table with our sensational new Applewood Smoke and Maple Salmon. Moist, flaky loin and centre sections of Wild Pacific salmon fillets are hand cut and covered in a tasty irresistible glaze. Sold individually.

    • Vegetables
      Baby Brussels Sprouts

      Frozen at the peak of freshness, these make the perfect side dish and are a great addition to your vegetable casserole.

    • The Butcher
      Bacon Wrapped Chicken

      Great on the BBQ! Portions of boneless, skinless chicken breasts are seasoned and wrapped with a slice of side bacon. 4 pieces.

    • Appetizers
      Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Shooters™

      Just pop the cook-in-foil tray onto the grill or into the oven for a quick and kicky appetizer. 12 pieces.

    • Appetizers
      Bacon Wrapped Scallops

      Keep these on hand to serve and surprise guests. Plump and juicy Canadian sea scallops wrapped in pre-cooked smoked bacon. They just melt in your mouth. 20-24 pieces.

    • Appetizers
      Barbecue Chicken Wings

      Fully cooked, seasoned chicken wing drumettes and winglets, glazed in our exclusive barbecue style recipe.

    • The Butcher
      Barbecue Sirloin Steaks

      Barbecue season never has to end! Tender and boneless, these sirloin steaks are marinated with a sweet barbecue sauce that’ll keep Canada’s favourite season alive all year long. 4 pieces.

    • Seafood
      Basa Fillets

      These delicate and flaky fillets have a sweet, mild flavour. They're boneless, skinless and low in fat. 4-5 pieces.

    • Seafood
      Battered Haddock Fillets

      Perfect for fish ‘n chips night, our Battered Haddock Fillets are made with solid cuts of North Atlantic haddock for unparalleled performance in the oven. 5-7 pieces.

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