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Healthy Eating

We’ve collected nutrition and product information for all our products, to help you make nutritious, well-balanced food choices.

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    Low in Cholesterol

    • Sides
      Ancient Grains with Millet and Veg. Bl in Tom Sce

      This M&M Exclusive is a fantastic side dish with your sit-down meals! It’s a flavourful blend of millet, steel-cut oats, brown rice, red and white quinoa with carrots, kale and onions in a tomato and roasted garlic sauce.

    • Sides
      Ancient Grains with Quinoa and Vegetable Blend

      This M&M Exclusive is a great side dish alternative to potatoes! It’s a flavourful blend of red and white quinoa, millet and brown rice mixed with kale and carrots with a hint of lemon.

    • Appetizers
      Battered Zucchini Sticks

      Fresh cut wedges of zucchini are covered with a light-tasting, fluffy batter. They’re a great party snack and a tasty way to tempt the kids to eat their veggies. Oven-ready in just 12 minutes.

    • Vegetables
      Bean & Carrot Medley

      A colorful combination of whole green snap beans, baby carrots and yellow snap beans. Frozen at the peak of freshness.

    • Single Serve
      Beef Barley Soup

      Nothing says hearty and robust like chunky vegetables and a generous helping of beef in a tasty broth accompanied by pearl barley. Our new soup has all the taste of homemade but with quick convenience.

    • Vegetables
      Broccoli Florets

      Frozen at the peak of freshness. A fantastic additon to your next soup, chili or casserole recipe!

    • Sauces & Seasonings
    • Single Serve
      Butternut Squash Soup

      All the goodness of butternut squash, garlic, onions, carrots, ginger and fresh cream with a separate packet of sliced almonds.

    • Vegetables
      California Style Mixed Vegetables

      A delicious blend of broccoli and cauliflower pieces and sliced carrots. Frozen at the peak of freshness.

    • The Butcher
      Chargrilled Veggie Burgers

      A savoury blend of colourful vegetables; fully cooked, just heat and serve. Vegan and a good source of iron. 6 burgers.

    • Prepared Meals
      Chicken Fried Rice

      This delicious side dish is fully prepared with rice, chicken, celery, sweet peppers, peas, carrots, seasonings.

    • Prepared Meals
      Chicken Spring Rolls

      Fully cooked spring rolls filled with chicken and a medley of garden vegetables in crispy won ton wrappers. 6 pieces.

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