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Healthy Eating - Low Cholestertol Food Options

We’ve collected nutrition and product information for all our products, to help you make nutritious, well-balanced food choices.

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    Low in Cholesterol

    • Desserts
      Strawberry Fruit Juice Bars

      Limited time only! A refreshing treat made with 40% real strawberry pieces. 6 bars.

    • Sides
      Tater Nuggets

      Bite-sized fried potato hashbrowns, made with Canada No 1 potatoes.

    • Prepared Meals
      Vegetable Egg Rolls

      QUANTITIES MAY BE LIMITED – PRODUCT MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE AT ALL LOCATIONS. Fully cooked egg rolls filled with a medley of garden vegetables and wrapped in a traditional crispy egg roll dough. 10 pieces.

    • Soups
      Wonton Soup

      Delicate and delicious won ton wrappers burst full with seasoned ground pork, eggs and water chestnuts in a flavourful broth.

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