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Pasta Perfected Back

There’s more to pasta than sauce and noodles. Try these twists to keep your dishes fresh and new, week after week. Made with the finest ingredients, our pasta sauces take care of the messy part, so you can have fun tweaking to taste while getting a perfectly healthy, tasty dinner on the table in record time. 

No-problem Noodles

Simple Spaghetti Bolognese Sauce

Whether you like your pasta sauce red (like our M&M Food Market Marinara), white (Alfredo) or somewhere in between (Rosé), there’s a wide range of noodles to choose from to accompany your favourite pasta dish. From our M&M Food Market Penne Rigate and Spaghetti, to gluten-free and even veggie (hello, zucchini noodles!) pastas, the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a noodle for your sauce. Experiment and enjoy!

Tip: Add plenty of salt to water for boiling for extra flavourful noodles.

Happy Herbs

Sausage Tortelloni

Fresh herbs make all the difference, no matter what dish you're serving. Elevate your plate with fresh basil, chive, green onions and sprigs of thyme. Add some to your sauce while cooking, and leave some as garnish for a picture-perfect finish.

Perfect Pairings

Marinara Sauce

Amp up your pasta sauce and noodle mix with grilled or breaded chicken, meatballs or veggies for heartier servings. Looking to add more fish to your diet? Our M&M Food Market Portuguese-inspired Jail Island Salmon goes great with pink and white sauces, on the side or served with your pasta. Table it with some oven-warmed bread, like our NEW Classic Dinner Rolls, which are perfect for sopping up leftover sauce. 

Try With:

  • Seafood
    Portuguese-inspired Jail Island® Salmon (2 pieces)

    Hand trimmed Jail Island® Atlantic salmon fillets with a Piri Piri seasoning made with paprika and red bell peppers. In a unique cook-in-pouch to lock in flavour and aroma. 2 pieces.

  • Bakery
    Classic Dinner Rolls

    Traditional soft bread rolls, lightly finished with an egg wash. 8 buns.

  • Appetizers
    Italian Style Beef Meatballs

    QUANTITIES MAY BE LIMITED – PRODUCT MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE AT ALL LOCATIONS. Who would've guessed meatballs could be so easy? We spice them perfectly and fully cook them so you can quickly heat and add to pastas, subs or party platters with minimal effort.