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Salmon Three Ways Back

Our Pacific Salmon Fillet and “Jail Island”®  Salmon are incredibly fast and easy to prepare. Here are three ways to top salmon to add extra flavour and texture.

1. Mayonnaise and sliced almonds (no mixing bowl required)

For a quick weeknight meal, use these two ingredients to create a simple, savoury topping  with a bit of crunch. Spread some creamy mayonnaise on the thawed salmon fillet and liberally layer sliced almonds on top and pop into the oven. 

Recommended side: M&M Extra Fine Green Beans.

2. Dijon mustard and brown sugar (just a small bowl needed)

For a little added sweetness and tang, mix up Dijon mustard and brown sugar.  Spread over the thawed salmon fillet and pop it in the oven.

Recommended side: M&M Grilled Mini Potatoes.

3. Parsley, tomatoes, onions and olive oil (a little bit of chopping required)

For a dinner party, serve M&M Pacific Salmon Fillet and, to make it extra special, chop up parsley (or use dried in a pinch), tomatoes, onions and olive oil—almost like a salsa. Then generously cover the salmon fillet with this fresh and colourful mixture. Wrap it in tin foil and place it in the oven or on the grill. Not only does this topping add flavour, it keeps the salmon moist.