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Super Speedy Suppers

Sometimes there’s simply just not enough time to get dinner together. Whether it’s long days and deadlines at work, or picking the kids up from school, it can be a juggling act to get it all done and still have dinner ready on time. That’s when it’s especially helpful to have some quick and delicious dishes on hand. Ready from counter to table in 30 minutes or less, these dishes are sure to get the whole family cheering for more. 

Chicken Parmesan Sandwiches

Can’t beat tomato sauce and cheese when it comes to dinner in a pinch. Add breaded chicken and a bun, and this one ticks off all the family favourite boxes.

How to: Cook an M&M Food Market Original Breaded Chicken Breast according to packaging instructions. When it’s ready, slice a bun in half and toast it lightly. Add a spoonful of M&M Food Market Mozza Marinara Dip to your chicken sandwich, and top it with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese to enjoy. Add some chopped basil leaves to up the flavour factor even more.

Chili Tortilla Casserole

Chili? Check. Tortilla? Check. Casserole??? You heard us, and the combination is not only tasty, but easy too.

How to: Place your M&M Food Market Beef Chili in a slow cooker, add half a cup of water and cook on low for six hours. Once the chili is cooked, the actual meal will come together quickly enough:

In a casserole dish, alternate layers of tortilla chips, shredded cheese and chili. Pop it in the oven and cook until cheese has melted. Serve it with chopped green onions and a zesty garden salad on the side and you’re ready to dig into this tasty Tex-Mex inspired casserole.

Philly Beef Steak Sandwich

Steak lovers especially will enjoy this quick and delicious dinner. Add cheese and baked bread and   you’ve got a recipe for max happiness.

How to: To start, bake M&M Food Market Petite Baguette in the oven (about 10-12 minutes). While that’s cooking, pan-fry M&M Food Market Philly Beef Steak for a few minutes (following packaging instructions). Got some extra time? Sauté some onions and peppers and add these with your steak and favourite cheese to the baguette once ready. You can also swap out the baguette for M&M Food Market Garlic Bread with Cheese for a flavour-packed twist!

Chicken Noodle Bowl

With cooler weather on the horizon, get ready to make best friends with every kind of noodle and bowl. Try this Asian-inspired dish for a quick, flavourful dinner.

How to: M&M Food Market Chicken Strips make the perfect base for a noodle bowl. Place cooked noodles on the bottom, cooked chicken strips in the middle, and cooked M&M Food Market Fusion Vegetable Blend on top. Add M&M Food Market Thai Sweet & Spicy Dipping Sauce as the dressing and spoon it up!. 

Salmon & Rice 

This one also works well as a bowl, and is a great, simple way to incorporate more fish and veggies into your diet.

How to: Cook M&M Food Market Japanese-inspired Jail Island® Salmon according to packaging instructions (about 20 minutes in the oven). At the same time, cook rice and heat up M&M Food Market Rice & Vegetable Medley. This dish also works well with M&M Food Market Thai Sweet & Spicy Dipping Sauce as a dressing.