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Celebrate Oktoberfest Year-Round! Back
Celebrate Oktoberfest Year-Round!

Sausages and Wieners are perfect additions to your weeknight meal line-up or weekend menu because they’re simple, flavourful and fun! Try out one of these options and see for yourself:

  • Our Oktoberfest® Sausages topped with Diced Onions, mustard, sauerkraut or your choice of condiments.
  • Switch things up with Mild Italian Sausages topped with tomatoes and grated cheese for a delicious combination.
  • Make it a whistle dog night! Top any hot dog with a cheese slice and Fully Cooked Bacon.  
  • Go gourmet with a hearty Chili. Add a slice of cheese to any hot dog or sausage and top with our Beef Chili.
  • Impress your harshest food critic with this special sausage hoagie! Prepare Garlic Bread as directed then arrange sliced tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and cheese slices on the bottom half. Top with grilled Spicy Italian Sausages and cover with the other half of the loaf. Cut through in thick slices and serve hot.