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Quick and Simple Dinner Ideas for the Busy Holiday Season Back
Quick and Simple Dinner Ideas for the Busy Holiday Season

Go simple this holiday season with these effortless meal favourites.

You’ve spent all day planning and shopping for the holiday party—who has time to cook dinner? Instead, take the night off from the kitchen with these quick and easy dinner ideas for the holidays.

Skip the prep and cleanup with time-saving starters that also make festive entrées. Italian Style Beef Meatballs go from beloved app to easy main when you add pasta or sub rolls to the mix. Or simply serve skewered and sauced for your own quiet celebration.

Chicken Wings are perfect for relaxed gatherings of family and friends. Here’s a chance to indulge all your favourite dip cravings: Pour a few tablespoons of a variety of dips into different bowls—don’t be afraid to experiment!—to make wing night even more fun. Remember your veggies by serving some celery and carrot sticks on the side.

As a great pre-meal snack, nibble our Mozzarella Sticks with our zesty Mozza Marinara Dip, or heat it up with a sweet-and-spicy dipping sauce.

Ideal for the busy holiday season, our delicious new Skillet Kits are perfectly prepped and portioned and ready in less than 30 minutes. From Beef Stroganoff to Roasted Vegetable Primavera, there’s a wonderful world of flavour to explore. Serve with Classic Dinner Rolls for sopping up the rich savoury sauce.

Chilies and Stews are pure comfort on a winter day and often make for hearty gluten-free dishes as well. From our Classic Beef Stew, made with braised beef and roasted red potatoes in a rich homestyle gravy, to our famous Classic Chicken Stew, there’s nothing like a bowlful to curl up with by the fire. A little cheese and chopped green onions on top go a long way to making the holiday season feel extra special.

Whether simply seasoned or slathered with a zesty tomato sauce, Breaded Chicken Fillets or Apple Butter Pork Tenderloin make a super convenient dinner in a pinch. Our Gourmet Stuffed Potatoes (gluten free!), Bean & Carrot Medley and Homestyle Mashed Potatoes round out a homey meal.