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Shortcut Suppers

Think you don’t have time to cook tonight? Think again. With our new cooking sauces, you’re already halfway there. Just add your favourite starch (pasta or rice), some extra veggies or protein if you like, and let our superior, just-heat-and-serve sauces do the rest. 

Savvy Additions

Each of our simmer sauces come loaded with delicious chicken chunks, but you can up your fibre quotient with plant proteins and legumes. Lentils, almond shavings and our Fusion Vegetable Blend go beautifully with our Chicken Korma, or you can keep the sauce intact and mix extras in with your chosen starch instead, such as our Brown Basmati with Wild Rice.

Great Garnishes

Our exotic sauces are simmered and seasoned to perfection, but the right garnish can really make these dishes sing. Some fresh cilantro and a squeeze of lime enhance the incredible flavour of our authentic Thai-style Green Curry Chicken, while a lemon wedge and a sprinkling of thyme add a fresh, citrusy zest to our wine-infused Chicken Marsala.

Veg Appeal

Chicken Marsala Simmer Sauce

Sauces like our delicious Chicken Marsala are a great way to sneak in some extra veggies in your everyday diet. Our Green Peas and Chopped Spinach, as well as tomato and red and yellow peppers, go with just about everything, and help you meet your vitamin and minerals intake for the day. Add them to your cooking sauce as you heat it up for great tasting vegetables.