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Top Five Grilling Do's and Don’ts Back
Top Five Grilling Do's and Don’ts

If you’re looking for some helpful reminders to make your BBQ adventures successful, check out this list of must-have tips before hitting the grill!

  1. Do begin with good, high quality meat, like M&M Food Market steaks, burgers, pork, and chicken. You’ll be assured a tender, delicious result every time.
  2. Don’t fork it over.  A fork pierces the meat and allows juices to escape.  Instead, purchase a good set of barbecue tongs. And remember to have all the tools on hand that you’ll need – spatulas, basting brushes, sauces and plates - so you’re not running back and forth to the kitchen.
  3. Do brush on sauces that are tomato, sugar or honey-based only during the last five to ten minutes of cooking to avoid scorching the food.  Oil and butter-based sauces can be applied throughout the cooking. And while you’re at it, brush the grill lightly with vegetable or olive oil before or during cooking if the food starts to stick.  If you use an oil spray, apply before lighting the BBQ.
  4. Don’t forget to cook more than you can eat.  Meat freezes well and tastes great for cold and rainy days when the weather isn’t BBQ-ready.
  5. Do choose side dishes that can be made ahead of time so when you’re ready, everything else is too! For easy preparation and clean-up, wrap vegetables in aluminum foil and top them with butter and seasoning.  You could also add a few ice cubes inside the packet; as the packet heats, the cubes melt and the vegetables steam beautifully.