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Top Grilling Tips

Once BBQ season is upon us, perfecting cooking techniques becomes a quest for a lot of folks! If you’re longing to improve your grilling skills, check out these time-tested tips. 

Baste It

Basting Tip

Turn up the dial on flavour by basting your food in the last few minutes of cooking.  BBQ sauce or melted butter with herbs are our favourites. 

Keep Your Tools Nearby

BBQ Tools Tip

Start with a clean, preheated grill and organize your tools and ingredients on a tray nearby.

Use The Right Heat

Grill Tip
Cook over medium-high heat for veggies and beef, and over indirect heat for other meats  and breads.

Close The Lid

Cooking Temp
Always close the lid when cooking for a more even cooking temperature.

Let It Rest

Rest Tip
Let your meats rest for at least 5 minutes once off the grill, to allow juices to redistribute  before slicing and serving. 

Try On The Grill:

  • The Butcher
    Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts

    Seasoned, solid white chicken breasts are extremely versatile and guaranteed tender. Cook them up as is or use them in any of your favourite chicken recipes. 8-12 pieces.

  • The Butcher
    Classic Beef Burgers

    A traditional beef burger, seasoned and ready for the grill. 8 burgers.

  • The Butcher
    Beef Bavette Steak

    Seasoned and tenderized, boneless bottom sirloin flapsteak cut from Canada AAA Beef. Best served medium rare and cut against the grain. Sold individually

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