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    Quick Lunches

    • Prepared Meals
      Chicken Quesadillas

      A fun Mexican taste the family will love, with the easy convenience you’ll love. Enjoy diced roasted chicken, cheese and veggies in a creamy jalapeño sauce, assembled for you and hot from the microwave in minutes. 4 pieces.

    • Single Serve
      Chicken Teriyaki

      QUANTITIES MAY BE LIMITED – PRODUCT MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE AT ALL LOCATIONS. Fragrant basmati rice with chicken, broccoli and carrots in a teriyaki sauce with red peppers.

    • Single Serve
      Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

      Fragrant basmati rice with chicken, broccoli and carrots in a teriyaki sauce with red peppers.

    • Single Serve
      Chipotle Chicken

      Our exclusive recipe of cooked seasoned solid cut chicken breast with long grain white rice, red bell peppers, black beans and corn in a spicy chipotle sauce – in a microwaveable bowl

    • Sides
      Crispy Fries

      Restaurant style, battered crispy skin-on fries, made from Canada No. 1 potatoes.

    • Single Serve
      Fettuccine Alfredo

      Al Dente Fettuccine noodles in a rich, creamy sauce made with Parmesan cheese, garlic and crushed pepper. Create your own unique dish by adding slices of cooked chicken, scallops, shrimp or vegetables.

    • Seafood
      Fish Sticks

      Breaded and seasoned white fish, cut from whole fillets. 22 - 25 pieces.

    • Single Serve
      French Country Mushroom Soup

      Destined to become a family favourite, this hearty soup features the earthy flavours of three different kinds of mushrooms - white, Shitake and portabello - in a country-style broth. A layer of croutons and melted Swiss cheese tops it off with delicious style.

    • Single Serve
      French Onion Soup

      Our authentic recipe is made with fresh sliced onions, flavourful soup broth, savoury croutons and real diced Swiss cheese. The made-from-scratch bistro flavour and easy prep make this classic dish simple to enjoy as an appetizer or main dish at home.

    • Single Serve
      Fully Loaded Potato Soup

      This thick, hearty soup is loaded with white Russet potatoes, red skin-on potatoes, bacon, chives, sour cream and green onions. Topped with cheddar cheese.

    • Single Serve
      Ginger Chicken

      Tender grilled chicken breast pieces, white and wild rice, plus a blend of cut baby corn, sugar snap peas and carrots covered in a delicious Oriental orange ginger sauce.

    • The Butcher
      Grilled Chicken Breast Slices

      Our exclusive, grilled, oven roasted slices of boneless, seasoned, glazed chicken breast— fillet removed.

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