4 epic dinner boards

Big appetites? The whole family waiting eagerly around the table? You need a dinner board! These impressive-looking spreads feature a variety of foods that work in perfect harmony, and they can focus on all sorts of themes. Simply set out a platter with a few sets of tongs, and diners can help themselves to whatever tickles their fancy. (Or skip the platter and use a serving tray or a clean baking sheet for a super low-key presentation.) Here, we’ve whipped up four inspiring takes to get your creative juices flowing.

Steak board

Steak board

This one’s a meat lover’s dream. Start off by grilling up a Boneless Beef Rib Steak. This AAA, abundantly marbled cut is juicy, tender and full of flavour — and weighs in at a hefty 10 ounces, so it’s plenty for sharing. Then try out our New York Striploin Steaks, which are hand-trimmed and aged a minimum of 21 days so they stay incredibly tender and juicy on the barbecue. If you’re feeling a little fancy, Chateaubriand is another delicious addition. This exceptionally flavoured, 14-ounce steak is cut from the centre of the tenderloin and seasoned to perfection. Fill the spaces on your board with fluffy Grilled Mini Potatoes. Tuck in grilled wedges of radicchio (the barbecue really brings out this vegetable’s sweet side), thick slices of local heirloom tomatoes sprinkled with flaky sea salt, and a few handfuls of arugula or other salad greens. For a steak-house-style finish, top steaks with pats of plain or DIY garlic-herb butter.

Surf n' Turf BBQ Board

Surf n' surf board

For a land-and-sea feast, you’ll absolutely need some Lobster Tail Skewers. These succulent, sustainably sourced North Atlantic lobster tail halves are hand-skewered and marinated in a savoury lemon-herb sauce. Pair them up with Canadian-Raised AAA Beef Top Sirloin Steak, a household favourite that’s lean and boneless, with the perfect robust taste and texture. Next, add a hit of green with toothsome Bistro-style Green Beans, which are picked at peak ripeness and flash-frozen so you can enjoy them at their prime. Spoon on sweet corn kernels cut fresh from grilled cobs or cooked frozen corn for a pop of bright, sunny yellow. As your surf and turf sizzles on the barbecue, grill up whole heads of garlic: Cut the top ¼ inch off, drizzle with olive oil and wrap in foil. Grill for roughly 40 minutes and spread the soft, sweet cloves onto sliced Demi Baguettes.

Grilled Chicken Wing Board

Grilled Chicken Wing Board

We have 10 delicious varieties of chicken wings, so there is no shortage of options to suit everyone at the table. Each is a fully cooked, succulent mix of seasoned wing drumettes and winglets, glazed or tossed with mouth-watering seasonings. The most amazing thing is that all of our wings can be cooked on the grill, so no turning on the oven on sweltering summer days! To experience a full range of flavours, we love grilling up a combo of Barbecue, Honey Garlic and Louisiana Style. And what platter of wings would be complete without veggie sticks? Cucumber, carrot, celery and whatever else tickles your fancy will be right at home here. And don’t forget the dips! Creamy Buttermilk Dill Dipping Sauce and kicky Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce (made with Canadian honey) are our top picks.

Gluten-free taco board

Gluten-free taco board

Taco Tuesday is off the hook with this variety of gluten-free, incredibly delicious taco fillers. Gather up some convenient, ready-to-cook ingredients, your favourite gluten-free corn tortillas, some simple toppings and you’re set. Our crunchy Cauliflower Bites are vegan-friendly and perfectly sized for taco stuffing; pair them with a vinegary red cabbage slaw for a tangy bite. Perfectly flaky Atlantic Haddock Tenders are dipped in tempura-style batter for the ultimate crispy texture; spread the lemon aioli that comes with them inside a tortilla, add the fish and top with quick-pickled radishes and pickled jalapeños for a nice kick. Plump, subtly sweet Panko Shrimp make a delicious shrimp taco, thanks to their ultra-crunchy, gluten-free coating. These sustainably sourced delights taste great topped with sliced avocado and a generous spoonful of garlicky pico de gallo. Scatter lime wedges around the board for squeezing, and drizzle with a generous, artful squiggle of Chipotle Mayo Spread.

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