6 frozen food myths, debunked

Around here, we like to think of freezing as hitting nature’s pause button. We believe that expertly frozen food has a long list of benefits for busy people, like you: It is convenient and sustainable, can be a healthy choice and is a great way to reduce food waste. If you ask us, there’s no shame in the frozen food game. We’ve heard the myths surrounding these eats, so let’s clear up a few things.

Frozen Veggies

MYTH 1: Frozen food is unhealthy.

FALSE. Perhaps a long, long time ago, frozen food left something to be desired on the health front, but these days that’s a common misconception. By freezing at the height of perfection, using leaner cuts and perfectly seasoning and portioning, we help Canadians keep their dietary needs on track with frozen food at their side. Think of it like this: If you were batch-cooking at home, the food you prepped and put in the freezer for later wouldn’t be unhealthy, right? We prepare our products with great care and let the high-quality ingredients do the talking.

Bistro-Style Green Beans

MYTH 2: Frozen vegetables have fewer nutrients.

FALSE. Here’s a fun fact: In terms of nutrient content, frozen vegetables are equal to – or sometimes better than – their counterparts in the produce aisle. Our veggies get picked and packed at their peak to maximize taste and nutritional value, whereas many fresh fruits and vegetables get picked early and ripen during transit. Buying frozen veggies is a delicious, affordable way to continue eating what you love, whether your favourites are in season or not.

A freezer full of M&M Food Market products.

MYTH 3: Freezer burn means your food is bad and needs to be tossed.

FALSE. Freezer burn happens when air hits food, usually when an item hasn’t been wrapped properly. When this occurs, it doesn’t mean that your food is bad, lacks taste or needs to be pitched. On the contrary, it’s still totally safe to eat. You can cut or scrape away freezer-burned areas if you like, but your best bet is prevention. To do this, make sure you wrap and store foods properly and limit how often you open and close your freezer.

Boneless Chicken.

MYTH 4: Frozen foods are filled with artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners.

FALSE. Maybe some are, but ours aren’t. We’ll say it louder for the people in the back: There are absolutely no artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours in any of the food that we sell in our stores. No exceptions. So you can feel really good about keeping us in your freezer.

Frozen bread and Veggies.

Myth 5: Frozen foods are made with inferior ingredients.

FALSE. You can be confident that the products you buy from us are delicious and packed with only the good stuff. Our motto is “Prepared with care, just like you would at home,” and we mean it. Following industry guidelines set by Health Canada, we make our products using only high-quality ingredients. They’re something we’re extremely proud to serve to you — and to our own families.

Our Supreme Stuffed Peppers.

Myth 6: Freezing food ruins the texture.

FALSE. We’re obsessed with what we do and have perfected our process using expert methods, including blast freezing and individual quick freezing. We use large, powerful freezing chambers, so our foods reach lower temperatures much more quickly, and in smaller pieces, than they would in a household appliance. (That’s why freezing fresh foods at home often yields different results.) This system preserves the texture and taste of proteins and produce, and prevents foods from becoming mushy when reheated.


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    Excellent info.

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    Very Informative

  • DP from Mississauga Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021

    There is so much food waste in the world. I'd like to see us go more to frozen!

  • SD from London Friday, Oct. 22, 2021

    Freezers are mans’ greatest invention after the wheel. Fill yours up with yummy products from M&M’s.

  • FN from Peterborough Saturday, Feb. 5, 2022

    But when a box of chicken breasts are frozen into one solid lump that requires hammer and screw driver ( seriously), one has to ask when were the breasts frozen? Before boxing and then again after a melt? or is the initial freezing only after they are boxed?

  • FL from Guelph Thursday, May. 12, 2022

    Thanks for the information about freezer burn. My husband thinks it means the food has gone bad. I'll be happy to set him straight.

  • DS from London Sunday, Dec. 11, 2022

    I have the freezer full of M&M items that the family and I will enjoy when they come for a Christmas visit, less work in the kitchen for me and all can enjoy fresh made items they will assume I made from scratch. Thanks M&M

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    Très instructif

  • RB from Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures Thursday, Feb. 23, 2023

    Je suis une personne âgé vivant seul modestement ca devient un peu dispendieux mais j'adore votre cuisine et je me prive sur autre chose Merci.

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