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Interested in a job at an M&M Food Market store, but not sure if it’s the right fit for you? It’s simple – you’ll love working at M&M Food Market if…

You’re a people person.

Every day you’ll come in contact with hundreds of people and you’ll happily greet each one with a smile. From the moment they walk in, your approachable nature will make our customers feel at ease and happy they chose to shop with us. Many of our employees have told us about the great friendships they have made with both customers and fellow employees.

You like helping people and you love to talk about food!

While some customers come in and know exactly what they want, you’ll find that others need a little help. Whether it’s their first time shopping with us or they need suggestions for entertaining or meal planning, you’re ready and willing to answer all their questions to make their shopping experience easier and enjoyable.

You’re a team player.

When your fellow teammates need a hand, you’re there without even being asked. You appreciate and respect your co-workers because you know this makes for a happy, healthy and fun working environment. Our customers notice it too and leave the store feeling good about their visit.

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