Back to school

We’ve got quick and delicious family-friendly meals and no-fuss anytime nibbles that make back-to-routine a breeze.

A table full of bento box lunches
A table full of bento box lunches

Back to routine cuisine

Quick and delicious
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Prepared Meals

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Ideas and inspiration

4 kid-friendly meals

No more pouty faces and untouched meals. Even the toughest little food critics will approve of these dinner ideas.

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20 lunch and snack ideas

From bento boxes to Thermos fillers to apps for lunch, these easy, family-friendly eats dial back mealtime stress

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3 Amped-up ways to serve our breaded chicken breasts

Serve up our most popular chicken dishes like they’re brand new, any day of the week.

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Together, opportunity changes everything - M&M Food Market and BGC Canada

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Opportunity changes everything

Through our partnership with BGC Canada (formerly Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada) we will help children and youth break down personal barriers and build skills for life-long success. Our national charitable partnership will help address the most pressing issues affecting children and families across the country.

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