Meatless Monday on the grill

Having really delicious plant-based menus up your sleeve is a must for Meatless Mondays or when you have full-time vegetarians sharing your table. While cookouts are often a carnivore’s dream, they don’t have to be. When you have a freezer full of our flavour-packed plant-based options, you can focus on serving everyone’s favourites and not miss an ounce of that smoky, chargrilled goodness you crave.

Veggie Burgers and Mushroom Medley

Meatless mains

Our vegan Chargrilled Veggie Burgers are fully cooked, so they just need a few minutes over medium-high heat to achieve the perfect finish. The best part is that our patties don’t contain any funny business — just a savoury blend of perfectly ripe veggies, including carrots, bell peppers, onions, water chestnuts and mushrooms. Pop them into our Gourmet Buns (toasted on the grill, of course), and garnish with all your favourite deluxe toppings, like tangy slaw, avocado slices or our incredible Mushroom Medley.

Four Bean Salad

Veggie sides

Sides make the meal, so ensure yours are easy to prep and arrive at the table fast. Our Four Bean Salad comes with all the components you need to build a nutritious dish: an exclusive blend of red kidney, red adzuki, black and black-eyed beans; frozen-at-peak-freshness corn and red peppers; and a light seasoning of extra-virgin olive oil, garlic and sea salt. Add a basket of Quick Cook Fries — which are ready in 10 minutes flat — and you have a plant-based barbecue that’s a feast for your soul and your stomach.

Oh, and if you don’t have a barbecue, don’t sweat it. All of these grillable vegetarian options are flexible — they come with oven, microwave or stovetop instructions, too, so you can have them whenever and however you like.

We love vegan and vegetarian meals, too, so we're always working to develop more delicious options. Check out our easy vegan and easy vegetarian menus, too.

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