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Q. What does it mean that M&M products are "flash frozen"?

A. Flash freezing is a process that preserves the made-from-scratch flavour of M&M products. Here's how it works. All meats, fish, fruits and vegetables contain a high proportion of water. A home freezer gradually freezes this water to form large ice crystals that pierce the cell walls of the food. Upon thawing, the food often becomes soft and mushy. However, flash freezing chills food at extremely low temperatures, within a couple of minutes, thereby preventing the formation of large ice crystals. It also preserves the natural texture and flavour of M&M food and, during cooking, all the great taste is allowed to come through fully.

Q. Does M&M have products that are low in fat?

A. Yes, M&M carries many products that are lower in fat and are suitable for fat-reduced diets. Some of these products include: Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts, Haddock or Sole Fillets, Pork Tenderloin, and a wide assortment of vegetables. Visit the M&M Products section to view the fat content for each M&M product.

Q. What does it mean if a product is "Exclusive to M&M"?

A. This means that only M&M and no other retailers sell this product. We're constantly working with suppliers to create new and innovative products to bring to our customers across Canada.

Q. How long can I keep M&M products in my freezer?

A. The shelf life of each of our products will vary. To find the shelf life of a product, simply speak with one of our Product Consultants, next time you're in the store.

Q. Can I microwave or barbecue a product even though it's not recommended on the package?

A. Best bet is to follow the instructions on the package. We've thoroughly tested all of our cooking methods to ensure you'll be happy with the finished product. However, if you've tried an alternative cooking method that has worked well for you please tell us. We'd love to hear it.


Q. How do I become a MAX Customer? A. Becoming a MAX Customer is FREE, QUICK and EASY. Simply visit your nearest M&M Meat Shops location to receive your MAX card and keytag. To find the location nearest you, please click on the link below.

Click here

By presenting your MAX card each time you make a purchase you will automatically take advantage of special MAX Customer Flyer Savings and Exclusive MAX Customer Promotions and Coupons. Give us your email address and you'll also receive M&M MAX eMAIL NEWS & OFFERS delivered right to your Inbox.

Q. How do I change my personal information (address, telephone number, email address) for my MAX card?

A. To update your name, address, telephone number, or email address on your MAX card, please send an email to In this email, please remember to include your name, MAX number (or telephone number you have registered with your card) along with your new complete address, telephone number (with area code) and email address (if applicable).

Or, the next time you visit your local M&M Food Market our staff would be happy to update your information for you.

Q. How do I redeem my MAX points?

A. We do not offer points to our customers, but rather we reward our MAX Customers with exclusive savings, coupons and promotions just for shopping in our store. For example, we have seasonal promotions where MAX Customers have a chance to receive a great reward based on their purchases during a designated time period.


Q. Why can't I find the prices of your products on your website?

A. Prices and availability of some of our products vary depending on the region you live in, so we are unable to post our product prices directly on our website. However, pricing can be found on our eFlyers for products which are currently on sale. Feel free to contact your local M&M Food Market and our Product Consultants would be happy to answer any questions about the prices of our products.

Q: Where can I find the store hours of your stores?

A: Simply click on the link below and enter your postal code to find your nearest location and choose "View map & hours" to view the store hours.

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