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    • The Butcher
      "Fall Off the Bone"® Smoky Barbecue Back Ribs

      Meat on the bone adds great flavour. A full rack of soft, fully-cooked back ribs has been slow cooked for a minimum of four hours to ensure tenderness, smoked with 100% maplewood chips and covered with a tangy-sweet barbecue sauce.

    • The Butcher
      "Fall Off the Bone"® Tangy Barbecue Back Ribs

      Our unbelievably tender meaty pork back ribs are a full rack of finger-licking goodness. An exclusive smoking process, using natural maple wood gives them rich traditional flavour. Smothered with tangy barbecue sauce.

    • The Butcher
      Angus Beef Burgers

      Made with 100% Angus beef raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Gluten-free. 6 burgers.

    • Sauces & Seasonings
      Apple Butter BBQ Sauce

      A rich barbecue sauce made from vine-ripened tomatoes with real apple and a hint of smoke flavour.

    • Seafood
      Applewood and Maple Salmon

      Add pizzazz to your table with our sensational new Applewood Smoke and Maple Salmon. Moist, flaky loin and centre sections of Wild Pacific salmon fillets are hand cut and covered in a tasty irresistible glaze. Sold individually.

    • The Butcher
      Bacon Wrapped Beef Top Sirloin Steaks

      These bold, beefy steaks are carved from perfectly aged, tender top sirloin and then wrapped with a smoky slice of bacon for superb flavour, easily making this a barbecue favourite. 4 pieces.

    • The Butcher
      Bacon Wrapped Chicken

      Great on the BBQ! Portions of boneless, skinless chicken breasts are seasoned and wrapped with a slice of side bacon. 4 pieces.

    • Appetizers
      Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Shooters™

      Just pop the cook-in-foil tray onto the grill or into the oven for a quick and kicky appetizer. 12 pieces.

    • The Butcher
      Bacon Wrapped Pork

      Boneless seasoned pork loin portions wrapped in smoked bacon. 4 pieces.

    • The Butcher
      Barbecue Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs

      Boneless skinless seasoned chicken thighs, marinated in a mild barbecue recipe. 5-7 pieces.

    • The Butcher
      Barbecue Sirloin Steaks

      Barbecue season never has to end! Tender and boneless, these sirloin steaks are marinated with a sweet barbecue sauce that’ll keep Canada’s favourite season alive all year long. 4 pieces.

    • The Butcher
      Barbecue Variety Pack

      Two BBQ favourites in one package! 4-6 pieces of our famous Boneless Chicken Breasts, Seasoned & Skinless. 6 Prime Beef Burgers. 10-12 pieces.

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