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At M&M Food Market, our guarantee is our word. If you're not completely satisfied with every product you purchase from us, we will replace it or give you your money back.

We're confident that our products will meet your high expectations. But if there is ever an instance we don't live up to your standards, we want to know about it. Please come back and tell us, and we will correct any problem to prevent it from happening again.

Simply return the unused portion of any unsatisfactory product along with the box or package, to the M&M Food Market store it was purchased from. At the store, a Product Incident Report will be completed in order to document your concerns, as well as record any other important information. This form will then be sent to our Head Office for evaluation and follow-up. You will be offered a replacement product by the store. If no product is acceptable to you at the time, you may have a refund for the full price of the product.

It's all part of our commitment to complete customer satisfaction.