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Steak and Cheese Crostinis

Serving Size: 6 or more servings
This is a super easy but flavourful, hearty and impressive hors d’oeuvre! Serve it as part of your cocktail party platter or as an appetizer at the start of your festive meal. Count on 2 to 3 crostinis per person.

Steak and cheese crostinis



Cook the steak to desired doneness and let rest for 15 minutes (medium rare works best for this recipe).

Slice steak into very thin slices.Mix the grated cheese, ricotta cheese and horseradish together.

Cook the petite baguette according to package instructions, let cool and slice on an angle into 6 slices. Toast the slices lightly.

Cover the bread slices with the spinach or arugula leaves (chopped or torn coarsely). Spoon a large tablespoon of cheese mixture on top of the spinach or arugula leaves.

Place 2 to 3 steak slices on top of the cheese mixture for each crostini and garnish with chives or green onions as desired.