Perfectly grilled steaks and burgers

Top 5 grilling dos and don’ts

You don’t need to be a pro to grill up tender, juicy cuts every time. You just need to follow a few simple rules to ensure your mission is a success. Read on for five ways to make sure your barbecue really delivers.

1. DO buy great meat

You know where you can find that, right? Here, of course! We’re the one-stop shop for all your grilling needs. Simply select from our wide range of burgers, steaks, chicken, kabobs and sausages. Then toss these aged-to-perfection options on your barbecue for juicy, tender results. Our meats are flash-frozen to preserve their superior taste and texture, so they always grill up beautifully.

2. DON’T invite a fork to the party

If you use a fork to flip and turn your cuts, it’ll pierce the meat, and all those tasty, valuable juices that keep things moist will escape. You’ll definitely want to invest in a good set of barbecue tongs (get them a little on the long side to protect your hands from the heat) so you can easily move cuts around on the grill. A basting brush or spoon and a digital thermometer are all worthy investments, too. They’ll help take your grilling to the next level.

3. DO make extra

If you’re already going to the trouble of heating up the grill and marinating your meat, you might as well make a little more than you need. Leftover sliced chicken and steak are perfect additions to the next day’s salads, burritos, pizzas and sandwiches.

4. DO get to know your sauces

Understanding the ingredients in sauces will help you know when to start brushing them onto meats. Sauces that are tomato-, sugar- or honey-based should only be brushed on in the last few minutes of cooking; otherwise, they might cause the meat to scorch. Sauces that are oil- and butter-based can be applied throughout the cooking process. If your meat and/or veggies stick to the grill, brush the grates lightly with vegetable or olive oil before or during cooking.

5. DON’T forget the sides

What’s a barbecue without awesome sides? Prep some dishes that can be made ahead, like homemade coleslaw and our Four Bean Salad, to avoid last-minute stress. Sides like Grilled Mini Potatoes can be heated up on the ’cue right alongside your meat. Gourmet Floret Medley and Bistro-style Green Beans — which have been frozen at peak freshness, making them extra-tasty — can be heated up on the stovetop or in your microwave, leaving plenty of precious grill space for the main course.

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